Question: Is there a version of the Mitchell Reel?

Mitchell continues to sell the Mitchell 300 reel, as well as adding new, innovative products to its successful fishing lineup. Today, Mitchell is one of the proud brands of Pure Fishing, Inc.

How do you date a Mitchell reel?

In 1971, Mitchell started a new system of serial numbering reels so that accurate dating was possible. All serial numbers started with a lettered prefix giving you the year of manufacture, i.e., A = 1971, B = 1972, C = 1973, etc. Six numbers followed this lettered prefix.

Is Garcia Mitchell still in business?

In 1974, Mitchell partnered with The Garcia Corporation, which was a dominant force in the fishing tackle market. In 1990, Johnson Worldwide Associates (JWA) bought the Mitchell Company. The company moved its headquarters and R&D to Marignier, France, where it is still located today.

Are Abu Garcia still made in Sweden?

Most of The C3 and C4 reels are still made in sweden, but be careful some of the lower grade stores sell the c made in china. Buzzt! Not so! There are still some Abu that are made in Sweden.

Is Daiwa a Japanese company?

(グローブライド株式会社, Gurōburaido Kabushiki-gaisha) (formerly Daiwa Seiko Corporation) is a Japanese company that produces fishing equipment in addition to tennis, golf and biking gear. Globerides fishing products, sold under the Daiwa brand, account for the majority of its sales.

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