Question: What were Dianas last words?

He said that the princess asked him, “My God, what has happened?” It was only later that he found out the victim was Princess Diana, and that these would be her final words. The firefighter Xavier Gourmelon said that he had to massage the princesss heart after she stopped breathing.

What were Dianas final words?

Sergeant Xavier Gourmelon, who led the response team in Paris, told The Independent Dianas last words were, “My God, whats happened?” Brown narrates what may have happened next: She turned her head and saw the lifeless Dodi just in front of her, then turned her head again toward the front where the bodyguard was

What were Dianas fatal injuries?

Diana suffered from a concussion, broken arm and a cut to her thigh in the crash, but what ultimately took her life were her severe chest wounds. Her heart was displaced in her chest and she suffered a tear to her pulmonary vein that proved lethal and caused internal bleeding.

What was Dianas favorite color?

Pink Was Princess Dianas Favorite Color.

What did Princess Diana whisper to gourmelon?

A French firefighter who was among the first at the scene of Princess Dianas fatal car crash on 31 August 1997 has spoken out for the first time on what the royal said. “She spoke in English and said, Oh my God, whats happened? Diana, Gourmelon says, seemed physically okay apart from an injured shoulder.

What was Dianas favorite flower?

forget-me-nots All about Princess Dianas favorite flower: forget-me-nots | Country.

How did Dianas car crash?

The crash. At 00:23, Paul lost control of the vehicle at the entrance to the Pont de lAlma tunnel. The car struck the right-hand wall and then swerved to the left of the two-lane carriageway before it collided head-on with the thirteenth pillar that supported the roof.

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