Question: What does FSM mean on a dating site?

FSM means Female Seeking Male. This is the most common definition for FSM on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter Craigslist, Tinder, Zoosk and, as well as in texts and on adult chat forums. FSM. Definition: Female Seeking Male.

What is the full form of FSM?

FSM Full FormFull FormCategoryTermFinite State MachineInformation TechnologyFSMFinite State Machine (H.323 Gatekeeper)Computer and NetworkingFSMMicronesia, Federated States ofCountry ISO CodeFSMField Service ManagerTelecommunicationFSM13 more rows

What does FTM mean on Snapchat?

Female to Male is the most common definition for FTM on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. FTM. Definition: Female to Male.

What is FTM slang?

Female to Male/ FTM- a trans person who was assigned female sex, and now lives as a man and has a masculine gender identity.

What does HPW mean on a dating site?

HWP means Height Weight Proportional. The abbreviation HWP is used on dating sites (e.g., Tinder, Zoosk and as a way of describing a persons physique without actually giving body measurements.

What is FSM short for?

FSMAcronymDefinitionFSMFinite State MachineFSMFantasy Sports and MathematicsFSMFlying Spaghetti MonsterFSMFederated States of Micronesia (ISO Country code)94 more rows

What does FTM mean in dating?

FTM: Female-to-male transgender person. Sometimes identifies as a transgender man. Someone assigned the female gender at birth who identifies on the male spectrum.

What does FTM mean on a phone?

Field Test Mode FTM is Field Test Mode.

What does Hwfg mean?

Dont miss out. Other formats: ebook | audio. Here We F**king Go (HWFG) is the much-anticipated follow up to Chris McQueers hilarious, award-winning debut short story collection Hings.

What does SFS mean?

shoutout for shoutout SFS is an acronym with a few different meanings. On Instagram, #SFS is a hashtag that indicates a user is looking for a shoutout for shoutout or spam for spam, which is a way to cross promote posts on the platform.

What is EMB bank?

An extreme mortality bond (EMB) is a high-yield debt instrument that insurers issue to establish a financial reserve to fund claims from catastrophic events that lead to excess deaths.

What does TFW mean in texting?

that feel when TFW or tfw is an abbreviation on social media and the internet that usually means that feel when, that feeling when, or that face when.

What is FTM mode for?

FTM = Field Test Mode. Try removing the battery to turn the device off. Replace the battery and then turn the phone back on and you should be out of FTM. FTM, i believe, is usually entered by holding a button combination down when turning the phone on.

What does FTM mean on a ZTE cell phone?

Field Test Mode FTM is Field Test Mode.

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