Question: Is dating a roommate bad?

Can you date your exs roommate?

Just like dating any friends ex, yes, you can date someone your roommate previously dated if you follow certain parameters, Laurel House, celebrity dating and relationship coach and host of Man Whisperer podcast, tells Elite Daily.

Is getting a roommate a good idea?

There are many good reasons to have a roommate. Youll save money: When you have a roommate, youll save money in several ways. First, you can rent a larger apartment that would give you both more room and more value. Youll also split utility bills and the cost of groceries, among other apartment expenses.

Should I live with a random roommate?

If you are one to savor your own private living space, opting to pick a random roommate may be in your best interest. You do not need to worry about your friends invading your space when you do not want them to if you go the random route.

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