Question: Can you hook up extra speakers to a soundbar?

Yes, you can add wired speakers to your soundbar. However, its going to be difficult because soundbars are made to stand alone. Theyre not manufactured with speaker outs so you have to use a receiver, a stereo mixer, and RCA cables to add wired speakers.

Can you hook up external speakers to a sound bar?

Yes. You can use a soundbar with other speakers but the exact steps will vary depending on a number of factors, such as your soundbar model, your external speakers, the output devices connectors, and others. In short, its possible to use a soundbar with other speakers but its a little complicated.

Do soundbars have audio out?

Most TVs these days have both an optical audio output and HDMI ARC. Many newer soundbars, usually at the $200-and-over mark, do include multiple HDMI inputs, which youll need if you want to connect AV devices directly to the soundbar (rather than route them through the TV).

Does a soundbar bypass the TV speakers?

Yes, simply connect your soundbar to the audio out on the tv, which should be a line level output, and turn the main volume completely off. Be sure to get a set of surround speakers or a soundbar that is powered.

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