Question: How do you connect Pandora to your TV?

Can I control Pandora on my TV from my phone?

Owners of the Chromecast device can start casting Pandora today by downloading version 5.0 of our Android or iOS mobile app via Google Play and the App Store. Just use the Cast button in the standard Pandora app to trigger one-touch streaming of your favorite personalized radio stations to your TV via Chromecast.

How do I get Pandora on my home screen?

The Pandora app will be present within this collection .Thanks so much for posting on the Pandora Community!From the bottom of your Home screen, swipe up.Touch and drag the app. Youll find images of each Home screen.Slide the app to where you want it. Lift your finger.

Why isnt Pandora working on my LG TV?

This issue is usually specific to the network youre using to access Pandora, or due to an error on the device itself. First, make sure your device has the latest firmware by checking for a new update. To do this, press Menu on your remote and scroll down to Support. Then select Software Update.

How do I activate Pandora?

Please use the following steps to activate your device:Launch the Pandora application.Select New User.An activation page will appear with a code. Visit[insert brand of device] and enter the activation code there (e.g. or Continue on the device.

Is there a Pandora widget for Iphone?

iOS and iPadOS users can now customize their device by selecting from 3 sizes of the new Pandora widget to easily view and play as many as 7 of their most recently-played songs, albums, stations, playlists, and podcasts right from their home screen. Tap “Add Widget”

Why cant I get the Pandora app on my iphone?

General issues with Pandora on iOS If youre having issues using Pandora on iOS (ex: wont load, buffering, crashes when you open, etc.), try the following steps: Reboot the device by shutting it down entirely, then turn it back on and try Pandora again. Then re-install Pandora via the App Store on the device.

Does LG Smart TV have Pandora app?

Getting Pandora on your LG TV: You can use the following steps to activate your LG TV device. Launch the Pandora application. Select New User. An activation page will appear with a code - leave this code up on the device screen as you continue.

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