Question: Where is Myungsoo now?

Kim Myung Soo has now enlisted for his mandatory military service. On February 22, Kim Myung Soos agency Management Esang confirmed that he enlisted that day in the Marine Corps. After five weeks of basic training, hell be carrying out active service.

Is Kim Myungsoo in military?

Before signing off to the military life, he also guaranteed a better version of himself post his service completion. Kim will officially be discharged from his duties in August 2022. However, the singer left Woolim Entertainment in August of 2019 but continued being a part of the band.

Is Myungsoo still in Infinite?

L, the vocalist from the Korean band Infinite, announced on Monday he was leaving the bands label after almost a decade. Kim Myung-soo, known professionally as L, issued a statement to his fans saying he has decided to go solo since his contract with Woollim Entertainment expired last week.

Is L still a member of Infinite?

Kim Myung-soo (Korean: 김명수; born March 13, 1992), known professionally as L, is a South Korean singer and actor. He debuted as a vocalist of boy band Infinite in 2010 and its sub-group Infinite F in 2014. He left Woollim Entertainment in August 2019 but is still a member of the group.

Does military do release?

In a statement, via X-Sports News and Soompi, SM Entertainment revealed, D.O. is currently on a final leave and will be discharged on January 25, 2021, without returning to the base.

Who is Kim Myung Soo dating?

This makes fans hope for a special relationship between them, but there is no confirmation from any of the two, and they are just friends. Until the end of 2020, Ls status is officially single, and currently, he is not dating anyone.

Did Sunggyu leave INFINITE?

Sunggyu of INFINITE has officially left Woollim Entertainment following the expiration of his exclusive contract with the agency. On March 7, Woollim Entertainment informed fans of the INFINITE leaders departure after his contract expired on March 6, 2021.

How long will Baekhyun be in the military?

21 months Baekhyun is expected to serve for 21 months and will be discharged on Feb. 5, 2023.

Is Baekhyun going to the military?

Baekhyun entered the Korean Armys Nonsan Training Center and is currently undergoing basic military training for three weeks. He is the sixth member of EXO to enlist in the military after Xiumin, Suho, D.O., Chen and Chanyeol.

What year did infinite debut?

2010 Infinite/Active from Infinite debuted in 2010 with their EP First Invasion. Their first full album, Over the Top, was released in July 2011. Their EP New Challenge, released in March 2013, sold over 160,000 copies in South Korea alone and was one of the best-selling albums of 2013.

Does L from infinite have a girlfriend?

Infinites agency released an official statement confirmed that member L and “Chocolate Girl” Kim Do Yeon are actually dating.

What happened kpop infinite?

Will INFINITE disband after being together for 11 years? INFINITE members are going their separate ways as their contracts with Woollim Entertainment have expired. After Kim Sung Kyu, Jang Dong Woo, and Lee Sung Yeol became the next to leave the agency with a new career planned ahead of them.

Why did Sunggyu leave Woollim?

Earlier this month, INFINITEs leader Sunggyu also left Woollim Entertainment after the expiration of his contract. When INFINITE first renewed their contract with Woollim in 2017, Hoya decided to leave after the expiration of his contract.

Who in EXO is married?

EXOs Chen and new wife welcome their first child after marriage in January.

Is INFINITE still active in 2021?

Infinite promoted as five members with release of their single Clock on February 13. Sungyeol enlisted as an active duty soldier on March 26, 2019, while Dongwoo also enlisted as an active duty soldier on April 15. On March 6, 2021, Woollim confirmed that Sungkyus contract has expired and he left the company.

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