Question: What is a Supraphonic made of?

Performance-proven, the sound that fueled the most hit recordings in history, Ludwig Supraphonic is the snare choice of the pros. The USA-made chrome-plated, seamless, beaded aluminum shell produces a bright, crisp attack with the perfect balance of full resonant tone and snare crack.

What size Gong did Bonham use?

The gong itself is made of hammered brass with two painted Chinese characters to the front, top of rim with two suspension holes. It measures 75.5cm (29¾in) diameter.

What kit did John Bonham use?

Ludwig The Ludwig black and white spiral Vistalite was used by the drummer during his time with Led Zeppelin, and is reportedly the only kit in existence outside of the Bonham estate.

How did Bonham tune his drums?

The main concept behind Bonhams tuning strategy was that he tensioned the resonant heads tighter than the batter heads. This indicates that while Bonham was known for using felt strips to dampen his kick, he only used one on the batter side while in the studio.

What gong did John Bonham use?

Paiste symphonic gong Bonham often sat with a 36inch or 38inch Paiste symphonic gong placed behind him on stage.

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