Question: When did Islam first come to Australia?

Islam has been in Australia since the 1700s when Macassan traders were long-term visitors to Arnhem land (now Northern Territory).

When did religion start in Australia?

Around 1788 - The first religion to reach Australia was Christianity lead by the captain of the first fleet: Richard Johnson. Johnson was an evangelistic minister.

What is the oldest religion in Australia?

Christianity came to Australia with the first British settlers on the First Fleet. Of the convicts and settlers, most were members of the established Church of England and Ireland with lesser numbers of Nonconformist Protestants, Catholics and other faiths.

Does Australia have ghettos?

Risks of ghettos in Australia Australian cities arent immune to the dangers. While there is no clear upward trend in crime nationally, the social polarisation and concentration of certain crimes in parts of the cities of Sydney and Melbourne are cause for concern. Social polarisation between suburbs is increasing.

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