Question: What does KK mean in text?

Paul Gil. Updated November 14, 2019. The kk online acronym simply means okay or message acknowledged. Its the same as nodding in person or saying cool, gotcha, etc. Its common to see kk or KK as a text message abbreviation or when youre playing online games.

What does it mean when a girl texts KK?

KK means Okay. The abbreviation KK is a short form of the expression Okay, used to acknowledge a message and indicate that it has been understood.

What is meant by KK in chat?

Filters. (Internet slang) Okay cool; a shortened response usually used at the end of a conversation.

Who started the phrase KK?

The Origin of KK Used by the youth online and during texting. Kk is said to be originated in the early 21st century. It is an abbreviation of k, kewl, a stylish way of spelling Ok, cool. The expression was first used by online gamers to save time while playing the game.

What does KK mean from a guy?

Its easy to guess the meaning of this abbreviation The kk online acronym simply means okay or message acknowledged. Its the same as nodding in person or saying cool, gotcha, etc.

How do you not get rude when texting?

Use hahas generously. When texting, the other person cannot see or hear your reaction, so things that sound nice when you say them may not read that way. Answering a casual, light-hearted question with Yes, haha or Yeah rather than just Yes will show your text-ee that you are in a good mood.

What does RN mean in a text?

right now RN stands for “right now.” Its used to specify an activity or status as being in the present, similar to words like “currently” or “presently.” Its also used to ask someone what theyre currently doing, often combined with colloquial phrases like “Whats up?” or “Hows it going?”

What does GN mean on TikTok?

If you scroll through the #gn hashtag on TikTok, the vast majority of the videos using that tag seem to take place in the evening. Around when people would be getting in bed. Thats because (drumroll, please) “gn” just stands for “goodnight.”

What do Okayyyy mean?

okayyyy. When someone is nagging you about something and you want them to be done talking so you say okayyyy. okay with more ys could be taken as rude and as if youre trying to finish a conversation as quick as possible because either its boring you or you just simply dont care.

When a girl says thank youuuu?

Thank youuuu means someone really wants to appreciate heartily to you for the thing/things that you have done for his/her.

What does WYD RN stand for?

What are you doing right now For example, you could message someone a complete question by typing “wyd rn?”, which stands for “What are you doing right now?” You can also use it as a reply together with HBU, which stands for “How about you?”

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