Question: What is the relationship between doctors and nurses?

It is the physician who makes the key decisions about patient medical diagnosis and treatment and issues orders that nurses are expected to follow. Physicians, who in hospitals are not the direct supervisors of nurses, nevertheless wind up often telling nurses what to do.

Why do doctors and nurses work together?

alleviate suffering, reduce long waiting lists and appointment times. This clearly will enhance the health of the world population. doctors hours have also contributed to nurses doing more expanded roles3.

Do nurses have more responsibilities than doctors?

Patients typically deal with nurses more than they do the doctor in charge. Nurses handle the everyday tasks and deal with short-term, immediate problems. If the patient needs a doctor, the nurse steers them to the right person. Sometimes the nurses role is to be the patients advocate.

How do nurses collaborate with patients?

Nurses ability to understand and assess a patients clinical, emotional, and social needs can help them to call upon available resources and create a patient-focused care plan. As nurses are offering direct patient care around the clock, they have a unique and focused view of how that care should be provided.

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