Question: What happens to my AOL Desktop Gold account?

What happened to AOL Desktop gold?

If Desktop Gold doesnt launch and you see an AOL Desktop Gold has stopped working error message when you open Desktop Gold or try to install it, youll need to download and run an updated install file. Run the new installer by opening the file you downloaded (Install_AOL_Desktop.exe).

Is AOL Desktop gold being discontinued?

A: In 2017, AOL opted to shut down its self-contained AOL Desktop program for a more streamlined version of it, called AOL Desktop Gold.

Do I have to pay for AOL Desktop gold?

Start using AOL Desktop Gold™ right away for just $4.99 a month. fee, simply cancel before the free-trial period ends. can access your email at

Where does AOL gold store email on PC?

You should find it in a folder called Organize. A typical location is C:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/AOL/C_America Online 11.0/organize. You can go to this folder directly by copying and pasting the address in the address bar in File Explorer.

How do I download AOL gold to a new computer?

Export your AOL Desktop Gold data to another computerSign in to Desktop Gold.Click the Settings icon.While in General settings, click the My Data tab.Click Export.Choose a location to save the export file and click save. For added security, you have the option to create a password for your export file.More items •11 Jun 2019

How can I retrieve old emails from AOL?

Recover Recently Deleted Emails from AOL (Up to 7 Days) Step 1: Open AOL and click Trash in the left panel. Step 2: Select the email that you want to restore. Step 3: On the top of the interface, click the drop-down button beside More, click Move to, then you can put the restored email to any place as you like.

Do AOL emails still work 2021?

But the iconic America Online brand, the gateway to the web in its early days, is officially no more. The brand will be phased out in Verizons $5 billion fire sale of its media assets, consisting of AOL and Yahoo, to Apollo Global Management, announced Monday.

Does AOL work with Windows 10?

More on Windows 10 Mail Windows 10 Mail automatically supports any email account that supports POP or IMAP, so its easy to sync it with AOL Mail. You might need to know AOLs IMAP server settings or POP server settings to download email to Windows Mail, as well as the AOL SMTP server settings to send mail.

Is there a free AOL Desktop?

If youre already connected to the internet and dont use AOL dial-up, you can still access AOL software, email and several other services at absolutely no cost. Free AOL services include: Your AOL username and email account, accessible at

How far back does AOL save emails?

AOL emails are stored in the trash once they are deleted and they stay for 7 days before getting permanently removed. This is why you can recover your emails using the steps below: 1.

Why do my deleted AOL emails keep coming back?

Because your messages get downloaded to a single computer or device and then deleted from the server, it can appear that mail is missing or disappearing from your Inbox if you try to check your mail from a different computer.

What is the value of AOL?

$4.4 billion On May 12, 2015, Verizon announced plans to buy AOL for $50 per share in a deal valued at $4.4 billion. The transaction was completed on June 23.

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