Question: Why do Apple users think they are better?

The one thing that Apple is known for, even among some of its users, is its price. With such high prices it is obvious that Apple is catering to the richer population around the world. By buying the higher priced devices people feel like they are better than the people who pay less for their phones.

Why does everyone think Apple is so great?

They know good usability. I did a quick office poll to find out why everyone loves Apple and the top reason is that “their devices just work”. In terms of functionality, Apple knows how to create a product thats really easy to use. Something that Apple stands light years ahead of its competitors on.

Are Apple users more intelligent?

The study also found that Android gamers have higher IQs than iOS (iPhone and iPad) gamers. The average IQ score among study participants whose main mobile device runs on Android was 110.3, and the IQ score for iOS users was a mere 102.1.

Are iPhone users better?

According to the study, owners of Apples iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods who had those devices in their dating profiles were up to 76% more attractive than users of others devices or those who had no tech displayed. Per the results, having an iPhone increased a users chances of being swiped right on up to 76%.

What age group does Apple target?

Apple Segmentation, Targeting and PositioningType of segmentationSegmentation criteriaApple target segmentDemographicAge18 – 45GenderMales & FemalesLife-cycle stageBachelor Stage Newly Married Couples Full Nest I Full Nest IIIncomeHigh earners11 more rows•23 Feb 2021

How intelligent is an iPhone?

Intelligence Test Shows The iPhone Is The Smart Phone For Smart People [Report] Never mind Touch ID, this could be the best way of unlocking future phones. iPhone users were found to have the quickest wits — with an average completion time of 94 seconds — while BlackBerry users were the slowest at 118 seconds.

Do smarter people use Android?

Congratulations! Youre probably smarter than the Android owner sitting next to you. A new study conducted by online advertising network Chitika found that states with more college graduates tend to also have higher iPhone sales. Alaska (66%), Montana and Vermont have the largest percentage of iPhone users.

What can Android do that Apple Cannot?

5 Things Android Phones Can Do That iPhones Cant (& 5 Things Only iPhones Can Do)3 Apple: Easy Transfer.4 Android: Choice Of File Managers. 5 Apple: Offload. 6 Android: Storage Upgrades. 7 Apple: WiFi Password Sharing. 8 Android: Guest Account. 9 Apple: AirDrop. 10 Android: Split Screen Mode. More items •13 Feb 2020

Are iPhone users happier?

iPhone users are generally happier, more extroverted, more adventurous, and make more money than Android users, according to a new survey. A study of 1,000 iPhone owners and 1,000 Android owners found that whether you prefer an iPhone or Android may say a lot about your personality — and even your spending habits.

What is Apples target audience?

In 2017, Apples target audience consisted of 64% men / 36% women, with a significant focus on users at ages 25 - 44 (55% of all posts were targeted at this age group).

Does Apple target lifestyle?

Lifestyle: Income becomes synonymous with lifestyle and since Apple has medium to high-income individuals as segments, the lifestyle they target is to Modern, young, open to change etc.

Is iPhone considered AI?

Most of your iPhone features that make your life easier are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Since the launch of the iOS 10, Apple has been pushing updates in order to enable iPhones to “think differently”. Apple was the first manufacturer to integrate AI in its products with the launch of Siri in July 2014.

Does iPhone have AI?

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) now permeate nearly every feature on the iPhone, but Apple hasnt been touting these technologies like some of its competitors have.

Are Android users better than iPhone users?

Making things official now is a new research that says that used iPhones are usually found in better condition as compared to used Android smartphones. Conducted by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), the research includes data on phone users who sell or trade-in their devices in exchange for a new phone.

What phone do smart people use?

iPhones Smarter people use iPhones - study.

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