Question: What does it mean when someone buys you on Hi5?

What does that mean? When somebody buys you as a pet, that means that your profile is owned by the person who bought you. You too can buy pets that you can afford. Buying Pets allows you to increase your assets.

How do you get money from Hi5?

Pets - How to PlayGaining Cash- You gain cash in five ways:a) by logging in to hi every four hours, youll get a cash bonus based on how many pets you own at the time.b) your first five purchases of the day earn you a random cash bonus.More items

How do I send private photos?

If you need to share a photo privately, you can simply attach it to an email message. Its important to realize, however, that email isnt too convenient for sharing lots of photos. Because photos are usually large files, you wont be able to attach more than a few pictures to any given message.

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