Question: Does a Chromecast need wifi?

You can use your Chromecast device without Wi-Fi, and still cast all of your favorite content to your TV from another device.

Can I use Chromecast with mobile data?

Chromecast requires a network; either WiFi or Ethernet if you buy the optional adapter. It doesnt support mobile data directly. If your phone will make a WiFi Hotspot, thats not a supported configuration, but, some people have reported that it works fine.

Does Chromecast TV need Wi-Fi?

To use a Chromecast youll need the Chromecast device itself, a TV with a HDMI port (which is most TVs), a Wi-Fi connection and a computer or mobile device.

Is Wi-Fi required for casting?

While the Chromecast can work without an internet connection, its firmware has to be up to date. On your primary device, open a Google Cast-ready app and click the Cast button. Your Android device should now be connected and you can cast media you have stored locally to the screen thats connected to the Chromecast.

How does Chromecast connect to TV?

0:294:34How to Use Google Chromecast: A 5-Minute Setup Guide - YouTubeYouTube

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