Question: What is Superlike Tinder?

Now, by swiping up, or simply tapping the new blue star icon when looking at someones Tinder profile, all members can let that special someone know that they stand out from everyone else. All Tinder members can send one free Super Like each day. Tinder Plus subscribers can send up to five Super Likes each day.

What does Superlike in Tinder mean?

What is Super Like™? Want to let a potential match know they stand out? When Like is not enough, tap the blue star icon to send a Super Like™! Your profile will appear in their cardstack with a bright blue border and star, highlighting that you Super Liked them. If they Like you back, Its a Match!

What happens when you get a super like on Tinder?

Heres how it works: if you Super Like someone (its an upward swipe) that person will see that you like them before they make the decision to swipe left (and never talk to you) or right (and begin the rest of your lives together).

Should you super like a girl on Tinder?

Thats why Super Likes are said to be a more successful tactic in getting a match than traditional right swipes. According to a Tinder representative, the apps data show that Super Likes are three times more likely to receive a match.

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