Question: Why did Sandara leave YG?

Dara (Twitter / Instagram) Here is Daras letter she posted on Twitter on May 17: “It is with a very heavy heart that I leave YG which has been my family, my caregiver, my home, my rock. and my everything since came to Korea with no family or friends in 2004 to take on new challenges.

Are 2NE1 still friends?

Despite their group success, 2NE1 members parted ways in 2016 and went on to promote their solo careers. However, the quartet has remained friends and even came together recently to celebrate Minzys birthday.

How many years did 2NE1 last?

On Friday, YG Entertainment announced through an official release on the companys website that the agency was “deeply saddened to let [2NE1] go” after seven years but decided that it is “better” for the members to pursue solo careers.

Why did BOM leave 2NE1?

2015–2017: Hiatus and disbandment Following Boms hiatus from the entertainment industry due to her drug scandal from the previous year, the other members of 2NE1 began exploring independent ventures throughout the rest of 2015, effectively sending the group into hiatus.

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