Question: Do you legally have to tell your partner you have HIV?

Many states and some cities have partner-notification laws—meaning that, if you test positive for HIV, you (or your healthcare provider) may be legally obligated to tell your sex or needle-sharing partner(s). In some states, if you are HIV-positive and dont tell your partner(s), you can be charged with a crime.

Is it a crime to not tell your partner you have HIV?

Is it a crime intentionally to infect someone with HIV? Penal Code 120290 is Californias law on willful exposure to an infectious disease. PC 120290 makes it a misdemeanor to have unprotected sex without telling a partner of an STD – but only if the intention is to infect the other person.

What happens if I dont tell my partner I have HIV?

In some states, you can be charged with a crime if you dont tell your partner your HIV status, even if you used a condom or another type of protection and the partner does not become infected.

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