Question: Are there any black dating sites that are free?

What is the best dating app for Black?

The Best Black Dating Apps:Soul Swipe – SoulSwipe finds black locals to match, chat and meet with by simply swiping left and right. SoulSwipe is a revolutionary way to meet other black people around you. Meld – MELD is a dating mobile app designed for the black professional. The League – Youre smart, busy & ambitious.

Is there a totally free dating site?

OkCupid. Since its launch in 2004, OkCupid has been been completely free, and the team says itll stay that way as long as the site is running. Thats right — you dont have to pay to create a dating profile, search for compatible dates, receive a potential match, flirt, send and receive messages, or anything else.

Is Black Cupid free?

Is BlackCupid for free? You can use BlackCupid as a standard member (free account). But free accounts will not have complete access to all the sites features. Upgrading to a premium account is highly recommended.

Is Black Planet still active?

Black Planet was described as being alive, full of “hustle and bustle” thanks to emphasizing its goal to connect people to people and not just people to information as other websites heavily focused on during that time.

Is BlackPlanet a dating site?

BlackPlanet is an online dating community that specifically caters to African-Americans. Its services are 100% free for everyone, although it runs a few advertisements on its pages. Members are allowed to socialize through private messaging features and public forums.

How do you delete a BlackPlanet?

0:001:14How to close your or black planet account? - YouTubeYouTube

Is BlackPlanet still active?

BlackPlanet never really left. In 2008, Radio One purchased BlackPlanet and the website transformed a bit but still served as a forum for the Black community. Unfortunately, by this time Facebook and Twitter were household names and the iconic social media network site sort of faded into the background.

How do I delete my Blackplanet app?

How To Delete Blackplanet AccountOn main menu select scroll over to my page then on drop down menu select My Account.On My Account Tab click on close account.On Close Account Fill The Reason of Closing, Improve Experience and Password.Now click on Close Account to permanently delete your account.6 Jul 2016

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