Question: How do you spot in bf5 PS4?

Merely aim down the sights near an enemy, press R1/RB, and that enemys location would be temporarily revealed for teammates. Scouts could be across the map and easily spot enemies from far away while aiming.

Is there spotting in Battlefield 5?

Spotting in Battlefield V has changed a lot since the last game. You can no longer just spam the spotting feature to reveal players on the map. The Spotting Scope can only be used by the Recon class and once you spot an enemy they will show up on the map and their position will be shared with your teammates.

How do you ping in Battlefield 5?

To ping items and locations within your nearby vicinity in Firestorm, youll want to press Q on PC or RB or R1 on Xbox One and PS4. Doing so will alert all of your teammates to the weapon or item that you opted to ping.

How do you spot in Battlefield 4 PS4?

0:001:41Battlefield 4: Tutorial - How to Spot Enemies - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipNow what you wanna do guys is when you hover over an enemy you press and just press it. Select. SoMoreNow what you wanna do guys is when you hover over an enemy you press and just press it. Select. So there we go so when not select how I messed up there over enemy guys you press r2.

Will Battlefield 2042 have spotting?

For those wondering whether the “spotting system” will return in Battlefield 2042, the answer is yes, though in a much different way than players are accustomed to. In a video by jackfrags who attended a behind the scenes event, he confirms that “passive spotting” like the one in Battlefield 5 will be back!

Why is bf5 so laggy ps4?

If you run into a game lagging or stuttering issue, you can always try lowering the game resolution. Many BFV gamers find a lower game resolution can finally save the game, even with high video settings. So you can try a lower resolution to see if the lagging or stuttering reduces.

How do you get the helicopter to engage in battlefield 4 pc?

I figured it out! the chopper chick says “ready to engage” so you look thru the visor (holding down the Q button) and pick up all the enemy targets (orange triangles). You then target them as if you were gonna shoot them..

Why does bf5 stutter?

Meaning the CPU is doing more work than the graphics card. CPUs arent very good at processing games. Hence the stutter.

Why is bf5 so laggy?

Your Battlefield 5 lag can sometimes be caused by an outdated or corrupt driver. For the majority of the time it is about the graphics driver, but not always. If youre unsure whether all of your drivers are up-to-date, you should have a check.

How do you spot assist?

0:000:34How To Get Squad Spot Assists - Legion of the Wolf Medal - YouTubeYouTube

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