Question: How many houses does Sarah Beeny own?

TELLY makeover star Sarah Beeny is sitting on a property empire worth more than £6.5million. The mum of four - who stars in Channel 4 series New Life In The Country, about her familys move to Somersey - owns 15 properties in and around London with her artist husband Graham and builder brother Diccon.

Did Sarah Beeny own a stately home?

Sarah Beeny has sold her huge Grade II-listed stately home in Yorkshire — and its a Northern Star | Ideal Home.

How much does Sarah Beeny farm cost?

Sarah Beeny tells ME AND MY MONEY how she spent £70,000 on land just for a camping trip but later sold it for twice the price. Sarah Beeny paid a seven-figure sum for her 220-acre Somerset farm, which is the subject of Channel 4 show, Sarah Beenys New Life In The Country.

Has Sarah Beeny moved into her new house?

Sarah Beenys Somerset home renovation Sarah and her family moved to Somerset, where they bought a semi-derelict former dairy farm surrounded by 220 acres of farmland. They are seen planning to build the house of their dreams, which involves a modern, carbon-neutral mini stately home.

How much did Sarah Beeny pay for her new house?

The move comes after she sold her incredible London mansion for £3.5million. The London home boasted seven bedrooms, five bathrooms, four reception rooms, a media room and a huge landscaped garden.

Is there going to be another Sarah Beeny series?

Sarah Beeny reveals when second season of New Life In the Country will return. Sarah Beeny. Sarah Beeny has revealed when the second season of her hit Somerset TV show New Life in the Country will be returning.

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