Question: Who is Cupids wife?

Psyche, (Greek: “Soul”) in classical mythology, princess of outstanding beauty who aroused Venus jealousy and Cupids love.Psyche, (Greek: “Soul”) in classical mythology

Who is Cupid married to?

Psyche CupidParentsMars and VenusConsortPsycheChildrenVoluptasGreek equivalentEros5 more rows

Who is Cupid and Psyches daughter?

Voluptas In Roman mythology, Voluptas or Volupta, according to Apuleius, is the daughter born from the union of Cupid and Psyche. She is often found in the company of the Gratiae, or Three Graces, and she is known as the goddess of sensual pleasures, voluptas meaning pleasure or delight.

Who is Eross wife?

Psyche ErosParentsAres and Aphrodite, or Chaos as primordial god.SiblingsHarmonia, Phobos, Deimos, and AnterosConsortPsycheChildrenHedone7 more rows

Who did hedone marry?

24 ff (trans. Walsh) (Roman novel C2nd A.D.) : Psyche (Soul) was wed to Cupidos (Love) [Eros], and at full term a daughter was born to them. We call her Voluptas (Pleasure) [Hedone].

Is Psyche happy with her marriage?

After the wedding, Psyche was able to be with her husband only at night. His tenderness and the enormous love he showed to her made Psyche happy and fulfilled beyond her expectations and dreams. She talked about her happiness with her sisters and confined in them how sad she was she couldnt see his face.

Who is the god of romance?

god Eros Cupid, ancient Roman god of love in all its varieties, the counterpart of the Greek god Eros and the equivalent of Amor in Latin poetry. According to myth, Cupid was the son of Mercury, the winged messenger of the gods, and Venus, the goddess of love.

What is the moral lesson of Cupid and Psyche?

Answer and Explanation: Cupid teaches Psyche the lesson that without trust there can be no love. Psyche accepts a prophecy that she will never marry a mortal, but a monster .

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