Question: Do cops use plenty of fish?

In some instances, unfortunately, these scams may be stings set up by law enforcement officers to trap men into committing sex crimes. If the police set up the sting using Plenty of Fish, it is not a scam. In that case, you can expect to be prosecuted and it is very important that you retain counsel.

What dating site do police officers use?

Cop Singles is part of the Friends Worldwide network of dating sites, which has over 1000 dating websites. Cop Singles connects singles across the U.S. The site is free to sign-up and browse.

How can I date a cop?

If you want to date a police officer, you must understand and respect the dangers of the job and the unconventional work schedule. You can meet single police officers through online dating websites, at local cafés and bars, or through your neighborhood watch program.

Has Plenty of Fish Been hacked?

The founder and CEO of dating site Plenty of Fish reports that the site has been hacked and users names, email addresses, and passwords may have been acquired. One of those Frind names, Chris Russo, provides a different version of what happened and his role.

Does an undercover have to tell you if you ask?

If youre a cop, you have to tell me.” Does an undercover police officer have to tell the truth if hes asked about his real identity? The short answer is no, he doesnt, but lets look at where this undying myth comes from along with some of the things that an undercover cop really can or cant do in the line of duty.

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