Question: What is family life like in Belize?

Marriage and Family Families tend to be large and often include the extended family. Many Belizeans go to other countries to live and work, and it is common for grandparents to raise grandchildren. Because of the large number of absentee parents, minors now comprise the majority of the population in Belize City .

Is Belize good for families?

Overall, Belize is a safe place for family vacations. Contrary to other places such as some parts of Mexico, you can easily and safely leave the confines of your all-inclusive resort.

What are the living conditions like in Belize?

They love the adventurous lifestyle, friendly and diverse locals and expats, low cost of living, beautiful beaches and ease of speaking English. But, they dont ignore the high crime rate and extremely limited access to quality medical care.

What is the best time to go to Belize?

The best time to visit Belize is from late November to mid-April, during the countrys dry season. Although this peak season draws thousands of tourists, dealing with crowds is an easy sacrifice to make for warm temperatures, clear skies and easy access to the countrys top attractions.

What is the best area to stay in Belize?

Where to Go in Belize – Top 10 DestinationsAmbergris Caye. Ambergris Caye is Belizes largest island and the most popular place to go in Belize. Caye Caulker. Cayo. Placencia. Hopkins. Belize City. Glovers Reef. Orange Walk.More items

Why is Belize expensive?

Belize is a small country that imports the vast majority of its goods, which obviously results in higher prices. This is then coupled with basic infrastructure, which makes it hard to get excited about what youre spending your money on.

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