Question: Who was the parent company of Evinrude motors?

Is Evinrude owned by Mercury?

BRP owns Evinrude along with boat manufacturers Alumacraft and Manitou. It will now buy engines for these brands from former competitor Mercury Marine.

When did Evinrude Buy Johnson?

In 1935, Ralph Evinrude and Steve Briggs bought the company and made it the third leg, with Elto and Evinrude, of Outboard Marine and Manufacturing Company. By 1937 Johnson sales exceeded those of Evinrude and Elto, and the 1 millionth Johnson outboard was produced in 1952.

Who bought Johnson Evinrude?

Bombardier Recreational Products BRP said it would repurpose its Sturtevant plant for new projects, but did not provide any further information. The company, previously known as Bombardier Recreational Products, bought the Johnson and Evinrude brands in 2001 from bankrupt Outboard Marine Corp.

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