Question: Has Ashley Benson dated a guy?

Did Ashley Benson dated Ryan good?

Ryan Good. Ryan is best known for being Justin Biebers stylist and an executive producer on the TV series Punkd. Ashley and Ryan dated on and off from 2011 to 2016 before eventually splitting for good.

Was Halsey pregnant by Evan Peters?

Halsey announced in January that she was pregnant and expecting her first child but didnt reveal the identity of the childs father. Halsey was previously linked to Yungblud and “American Horror Story” star Evan Peters. She also dated rapper G-Eazy on and off until 2018.

Is Evan Peters in a relationship 2021?

actors in Hollywood, its hard to believe hes single. However, the American Horror Story star hasnt publicly dated anyone since his split from girlfriend Halsey in March 2020. Evan, 34, and the “Without Me” singer, 26, made their first public appearance in October 2019. “Theyre a very good match.

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