Question: What are 3 interesting facts about Dominican Republic?

What are 3 interesting facts about Dr?

10 Fun Facts About Dominican RepublicDid you know that the island of Hispaniola was the first permanent European settlement in the Americas? Santo Domingo, the oldest city in the Americas. The Dominican flag has three colors: red, white and blue. Founding father Juan Pablo Duarte designed the flag.More items •15 Sep 2017

What is an interesting fact about Dominican Republic?

The DR is the only place in the world where Larimar, a rare form of blue pectolite, is mined. Pico Duarte is the highest peak in the Caribbean (3,098 meters). The Dominican Republic is the only country in the world with a Bible on the flag.

What is Dominican Republic famous for?

Known mostly for its warm people, blue ocean waters, white sand beaches, intriguing history, and rich culture, not much else is known about this tropical island sanctuary. Keen to know more? Here are a host of facts about the beautiful Dominican Republic that you may want to know out of interest or before you go.

Is Dominican Republic cheaper than us?

Dominican Republic is 31.2% cheaper than United States.

Is mamajuana illegal in the US?

Both US and Canadian customs do not permit the transport of Mama Juana if it is not in its liquid. If you take dry MamaJuana ingredients home with you, be warned, it may be confiscated by Customs. U.S. customs officials appear to be wise to the beverage and will ask you straight out if you are bringing back Mamajuana.

Is mamajuana safe to drink?

In fact, the purported health benefits are wide and varied. A glass of mamajuana a day is said to give you an increase in vitality and energy, improve the circulation of your blood, relieve congestion and flu symptoms, and act as a tonic for your kidneys and liver. Its also high in antioxidants.

Can mamajuana go bad?

Apparently, the roots in mamajuana have a seven-year shelf life, so that the bottle may be refilled over and over again.

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