Question: How expensive is an inground pool?

What does it cost to put in an inground pool?

Average Cost to Install an Inground PoolNational Average Cost$35,000Minimum Cost$20,000Maximum Cost$195,000Average Range$28,000 to $55,000

How much does a 12 x24 inground pool cost?

A 12-foot by 24-foot pool is considered medium-sized, and is suitable for swimming laps. The cost for this size, on average, will be between $26,000 and $38,000, depending on the type of material used.

Are inground pools worth the money?

Real Estate Value Despite what you may have heard in the past, YES, an inground swimming pool does increase the value of your home. A few years ago, the National Association of Realtors stated that on average, an inground swimming pool will increase a homes value by 4–6%.

Are inground pools a waste of money?

A pool can increase not only your social worth but also the value of your home. However, the increase is probably not as much as you think. According to HouseLogic, theres no real guarantee that youll make your money back. In fact, adding a swimming pool may only increase your homes value by 7%.

How much does a 20x40 inground pool cost?

Inground Pool Cost By SizePool Size (feet)Price14x28$19,600 - $48,75016x32$25,600 - $66,56018x36$32,400 - $84,24020x40$40,000 - $104,0002 more rows•1 Jun 2021

How can I get a cheap inground pool?

Here are five ways to save money – whether its a few hundred dollars or thousands.Choose Vinyl. Vinyl pools are markedly less expensive than either concrete or fiberglass – in terms of initial price tag, anyway. Go with a Smaller Pool. Use a Pool Kit. Install in the Fall. Cut Out the Extras.13 Mar 2016

How much does a 16x32 inground pool cost?

Inground Pool Cost By SizePool Size (feet)Price14x28$19,600 - $48,75016x32$25,600 - $66,56018x36$32,400 - $84,24020x40$40,000 - $104,0002 more rows•1 Jun 2021

Is a 20x40 pool big?

Standard pool dimensions usually measure something like 10 x 20, 15 x 30, and 20 x 40, with an average depth around 5.5 feet. 10 x 20 is considered a small in-ground pool, while a 20 x 40-foot pool is on the larger side of things. Therefore, its important to consider the shape of the pool thatll best fit your needs.

What is the cheapest inground pool cost?

The truth is that inground pools are not cheap, but they dont all cost $60,000 to $100,000 to build .Average Starting Costs for Inground Pools.Pool TypeAverage Starting PriceFiberglass$40,000Concrete$50,0001 more row

Is it harder to sell a house with a pool?

It wont be easy since a swimming pool can actually make your home harder to sell. Many buyers consider it a liability rather than a luxury. Under the right circumstances, however, a pool could boost your homes value by as much as 7%, Houselogic estimates.

How deep should an inground pool be?

For swimming, recreational pool activities such as volleyball and just lounging about, water should be about waist height so approximately 1.2m deep. For diving, the pool should be at least 1.7m deep. That said, it is always recommended that you test the water depth before diving head first into any pool!

How can I afford a pool?

What sources are available to finance a pool purchase?Finance a swimming pool through a bank. Use a credit union to borrow funds for a pool. Pay for all or part of the construction with a credit card. Finance your backyard resort with a home-equity loan. Draw against a home equity line of credit (HELOC).More items •Jun 27, 2016

How much does a 15x30 inground pool cost?

Inground Pool Cost Estimator by Size10x20$10,000 - $25,00012x24$14,400 - $36,00014x28$19,600 - $48,75015x30$22,500 - $56,25016x32$25,600 - $64,0002 more rows

What is the best size inground pool?

Its recommended having a depth fewer than six feet to meet most pool needs.For a family of six to eight people, an 18 foot by 36-foot pool is recommended. For a family of less than six, a 16 foot by 32 foot would be a little more compatible.More items

How much is a 20x40 inground pool?

Inground Pool Cost By SizePool Size (feet)Price14x28$19,600 - $48,75016x32$25,600 - $66,56018x36$32,400 - $84,24020x40$40,000 - $104,0002 more rows•Jun 1, 2021

What is a good size inground pool?

What is a good size for an inground pool? The average small inground pool is around 12 feet wide and 24 feet long and a little over 5 feet deep. A pool of this size can adequately provide space for everything that most average households need.

Why is there a swimming pool shortage?

Both explained that the pool industry as a whole is experiencing a variety of shortages, in part due to high demand from the pandemic. Chlorine tablets used to sanitize water could also be hard to come by, as a result of supply issues caused by both the pandemic and a fire at a major chlorine supplier last year.

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