Question: How do you date Zildjian cymbals?

How long do Zildjian cymbals last?

Well, a drummer who hits with light to moderate force and good control should be able to make a cymbal last for 20 to 50 years, especially if theyre cleaned regularly. You can find 20+ year-old brass on eBay all the time.

Where are Paiste cymbals made?

Paiste decided to concentrate on cymbal production and export. In 1940, the family and the cymbal-making operation moved to Poland, where they continued under extremely difficult conditions, and in 1945 to Germany. Finally, in 1957 a new headquarters and production facility was established in Switzerland.

What does cymbal weight mean?

Weight – Heavier weight = higher tessitura, greater volume, slower response, longer sustain, fewer overtones, narrower frequency range, more stick definition (can be pingy in heavier cymbals). Larger bell = greater volume, faster response, more overtones.

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