Question: Can you date multiple people in Hollywood U?

You can use Couples Corner to send regular characters in your Entourage on dates with each other. There are 33 dates (with 13 potential people to date) currently available.

How to level up fast in Hollywood u?

Choosing friends in the game.Choose Friends Who Earn More Cash per Hour. Check How Much Money Each Dorm Can Store. Unlock Friends at Club VIP. Level Up Your Character and Key Friends at the Workshop. Be Polite to Earn Extra Rewards. Build Additional Dorms to Add More Friends. Dont Waste Diamonds on Simple Tasks.More items •Aug 25, 2020

Who is the mysterious benefactor in Mass Effect Andromeda?

Whatever you need. The Benefactor is an unidentified individual or group who secretly helped fund the Andromeda Initiative. The Benefactors existence was known only to Jien Garson, Alec Ryder, and a handful of other Initiative members prior to the Initiatives launch to Andromeda in 2185.

How can you get more diamonds on Hollywood U?

Hollywood U: How to Get More Diamonds QuicklyConnect your game to Facebook. Complete quests. Look for special events. Save to have diamonds. Watch videos. Visit your friends.Dec 15, 2014

How do you get a wardrobe in Hollywood U?

The male Wardrobe can be purchased in the Store for 270 diamonds, while the female Wardrobe costs 500 diamonds. This simply indicates that the female Wardrobe is the rarer classmate because she costs more. When selling the Wardrobes, the male is worth $16, while the female is worth $17.

How do you get an action hero girl on Hollywood U?

Prices. The male Action Hero can be purchased in the Store for 1,000 diamonds, while the female Action Hero costs 9,000 diamonds. This simply indicates that the female Action hero is the rarer classmate because she costs more.

How many endings does Mass Effect: Andromeda have?

one ending Well start off with the big spoiler: Theres only one ending to Mass Effect: Andromeda. Weve already written about how certain decisions have an effect on certain events during the ending of the game, but nothing you do effects the outcome.

Will there be a Mass Effect 4 with Shepard?

Mass Effect 4 looks like its bringing back Commander Shepard, which will be a welcome return to many fans of the franchise. If not, BioWare will likely face questions over a moment in the upcoming games trailer where fan-favorite companion Liara uncovers a piece of Shepards N7 armor.

How do you get more fans on Hollywood story?

1:250:46Hollywood Story: Part 4 | More Fans! | Enygma - YouTubeYouTube

How do you get a celebutante in Hollywood U?

To get a Celebutante from Club VIP, your party must include students with both Fashionista and Movie Star traits. The male Celebutante is more common than the female.

Which Mass Effect ending is best?

Mass Effect is a series that is ultimately about player choice so there is no wrong decision at the end, but Mass Effect 3s control ending is the closest to a truly successful victory.

Is Shepard dead in Mass Effect: Andromeda?

The fact that Shepard is partially synthetic and yet is only hinted to survive in the Destroy Ending raises some huge questions, especially now that Mass Effect 4s trailer has hinted at Shepards return with Liara discovering a piece of N7 armor.

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