Question: What is Bumble business model?

Bumble Business Model is based on a “freemium model,” which means members can sign up and use it for free. A large part of its revenue comes from in-app purchases and subscription offerings like Bumble Boost, which begins at US$12.99 a week, and Bumble Premium, which starts at US$17.99.

How does Bumble market?

Bumble uses influencer marketing and posts the content created by such influencers on its social media pages. Many famous influencers promote the online dating app by sharing their own experiences. Honestly, we cant wait either. Another strategy is micro-influencers marketing.

Do people actually use Bumble for business?

The Bumble Bizz App Can Help Businesses Network. In October 2017, the dating app Bumble went in a new direction, adding Bumble Bizz to the lineup. Since then, the company has embraced its place in the business networking space. Even Kris Jenner used the app to search for a new personal assistant.

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