Question: Is it easy to find a Christian in Australia?

Is Christianity common in Australia?

Christian Communities in Australia The Christian population remains the largest in Australia, yet it has steadily declined over the past century (from 96.9% in 1921 to 52.1% in 2016). Today, most Australian Christians are affiliated with either the Catholic Church (22.6%) or the Anglican Church (13.3%).

What percentage of Australia is not Christian?

Religion does not play a major role in the lives of much of the population. When asked of their religious affiliation in the 2016 census, 29.6% of Australians (or 6,933,708 people) selected no religion. This is more than seven percent higher (and 2,240,546 more people), than in the 2011 census.

What state of Australia has the highest percentage of Christians?

We can see that New South Wales is the most religious state or the “least non-religious state”. It has 55.2% Christian, the second-highest, after Queensland, and 10.1% non-Christian, the second-highest over Victoria.

What religion is most common in Australia?

The results of the latest national Census today reveal were a religiously diverse nation, with Christianity remaining the most common religion (52 per cent of the population). Islam (2.6 per cent) and Buddhism (2.4 per cent) were the next most common religions reported.

How is Christianity viewed in Australia?

Australians vary in their current attitudes towards Christianity. When asked whether they themselves say that they are a Christian, almost two in five (38%) consider themselves a Christian (compared to 45% who identify with Christianity as a religion).

Which Australian state is the most religious?

New South Wales In terms of states, New South Wales had the highest religious affiliation (66 per cent of people reporting a religious affiliation), while Tasmania (53 per cent) was the lowest. Australian Statistician David W. Kalisch said Census data is high quality, thanks to the participation of Australians.

What percentage of Australians are Practising Christians?

52.1% The 2016 census identified that 52.1% of Australians classify themselves Christian: 22.6% identifying themselves as Catholic and 13.3% as Anglican. Another 8.2% of Australians identify themselves as followers of non-Christian religions.

Is Christianity growing or declining in Australia?

The proportion of Australians identifying Christianity as their religion has been declining over the last century – from 96% in 1911 to 61.1% in the 2011 Census. Over the last decade, Christianity in Australia has declined from 68% to 61.1%.

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