Question: What makes loveflutter such a good dating site?

How do you use twitter to date?

Be very creative about what goes into Tweets. If you really are trying to use Twitter for dating, try posting some pictures of yourself from time to time. Feel free to ask different questions; something among the lines of what would you consider to be a perfect date might draw attention.

How can I look at my old tweets?

Login to your Twitter account, and go to Twitters advanced search page.Under the “People” subheading, enter your username (with no “@”) into the “From these accounts” field:Under “Dates,” select start and end dates for your search:Click “Search,” and Twitter should return a list of top tweets from that period:More items •3 Jan 2019

How do you look at old tweets on Iphone?

Go to in Safari. Since Twitters Advanced Search isnt a part of the official Twitter app, youll need to use a web browser to search for old tweets. Safari is the blue, red, and white compass icon typically found on the home screen.

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