Question: Is Jase from Duck Dynasty still married?

Reed -- the son of Jase and Missy Robertson -- and Brighton have been married since 2016. Brighton announced she was pregnant in a sweet Instagram post that also incorporated their three dogs.

Is Jase Robertson still married?

After 27 years of marriage, Duck Dynasty star Jase Robertson proved that he knew his wife, Missy, better than anyone. The happily married couple celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary on Thursday (August 10) and his gift to her is not only thoughtful, but practical.

Where is Jase Robertson now?

West Monroe Jase also lives in West Monroe, Louisiana, with his wife, Missy, and their three children: Reed, Cole and Mia. Jase and his family are currently starring in the A&E hit series “Duck Dynasty.”

What does Jase Robertson do for a living now?

Now, he works on Wall Street per his explanation on Unashamed With Phil Robertson podcast on April 28, 2019. Robertsons job at Duck Commander was to fabricate the duck calls made by the company, fine-tune them, and to invent new ones. It takes him about two to three minutes to make one duck call.

Why did Jep and Jessica adopt?

Jessica said she felt inspired to adopt after meeting less fortunate fans of their show. The past few years with Duck Dynasty, our eyes have been opened and weve seen a lot of kids that are in need, she told Country Rebel magazine earlier this month.

Does Willie still work at Duck Commander?

With his business degree, Willie serves as the CEO of Duck Commander and helped propel the niche family business into a household name worth millions. Its been four years since Duck Dynasty ended its notable run in 2017, but Willie hasnt been idle during that time.

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