Question: What is SeniorPeopleMeet?

In a Nutshell. With more than 300,000 monthly users, SeniorPeopleMeet is the largest international dating site for singles over 50. SeniorPeopleMeet is easy to navigate, and offers different communication tools, such as audio and video messaging, as well as a simple live chat.

How much does SeniorPeopleMeet cost?

A standard subscription for SeniorPeopleMeet can be issued for one month and six months at the cost of 32 dollars and 96 dollars. Value Subscription is available for six months for $ 120. The SeniorPeopleMeet Token option is also available for 5 cents per loan.

Is SeniorPeopleMeet free?

Pricing. SeniorPeopleMeet lets you create a free account which allows you to browse profiles, but a paid membership is required in order to use the sites full functionality.

How do you meet senior people?

Aging In Place TipsVolunteer.Faith-based Activities.Continuing Education Classes.Take a Senior Fitness Class.Take a Senior Trip.Join a Senior Dating Site.Look at Senior Meetup Groups.Jan 26, 2017

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