Question: Why are cancer and Aquarius the opposite of each other?

Why do Aquarius and Cancer hate each other?

Aquarius is a super tough match for Cancers. They are both concerned about taking care of others and fairness, but when it comes to a relationship, Aquarians are just too flaky for Cancers, who need security and consistency in relationships. Aquarians need a lot of freedom, and it can cause suspicion in Cancers.

Does Aquarius hate Cancer?

An Aquarius should take notes from you on how to be more in tune with their emotions. You can be pretty pessimistic, Cancer, which doesnt always fly with an Aquarius. Aquarius likes to be surrounded with optimistic and realistic people — having pessimistic friends can bring down the mood FAST.

What sign is opposite of Aquarius?

Leo Aquarius and Leo are opposite signs, with Leo seeking to be the center of attention and Aquarius often giving attention to everyone equally.

Why do Cancers fall for Aquarius?

Cancer needs to fall in love with Aquarius mind; Aquarius needs to fall in love with Cancers emotions. They need to nourish and cater to these. Aquarius will be doing things in their own rhyme or reason, and Cancer will have a certain amount of tradition, sentimentality, and regularity.

Are Aquarius and Cancer compatible in love?

Overall, Cancer and Aquarius are considered to be an incompatible zodiac match. The good thing is, both signs value commitment and are extremely loyal. ”If Aquarius can find their heart and if Cancer cools their jets,” Reed says, “this could be an exciting relationship for both signs.”

Do Cancers and Aquarius make a good couple?

Overall, Cancer and Aquarius are considered to be an incompatible zodiac match. Of course, no couple is doomed to fail no matter how incompatible they may be. But it does mean that both partners will have to put in more work to make the relationship last.

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