Question: What is Pia Toscano nationality?

Where was Pia Toscano born?

New York, New York, United States Pia Toscano/Place of birth

Does Pia Toscano have a child?

According to court records obtained by The Blast, Pia filed for divorce on January 6th, 2021, citing irreconcilable differences. It is unclear if the singer is asking for spousal support from her backup dancer husband, Jimmy R.O. Smith. The ex-couple have no children, so child support will not be an issue.

Who did Pia Toscano date?

Idol castoff Pia Toscano apparently downed her sorrow with Dancing with the Stars pro Mark Ballas; the two were spotted in Los Angeles on what was reported as a first date on Friday.

Who won the 10th season of American Idol?

Scotty McCreery Scotty McCreery became one of the youngest American Idol winners in the history of the show when he won Season 10 of the iconic reality singing competition on May 25, 2011, at the age of 17.

Who is Pia married to?

Jimmy R.O. Smithm. 2017 Pia Toscano/Spouse

Who are the top 10 American Idols?

Who is the top 10 of American Idol 2021?Chayce Beckham, 24, from Apple Valley, California.Alyssa Wray, 18 from Perryville, Kentucky.Deshawn Goncalves, 20, from Cleveland, Ohio.Casey Bishop, 15, from Estero, Florida.Cassandra Coleman, 24, from Columbia, Tennessee.Willie Spence, 21, from Douglas, Georgia.More items •May 2, 2021

Who is the most famous American Idol?

Carrie Underwood Carrie Underwood (season 4) Just by a hair, Underwood tops the list as the most successful “American Idol.” Underwood is the reigning queen of country music with too many record-breaking accomplishments to list including being the best-selling and most rewarded “Idol” winner.

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