Question: Where do the wealthy hang out in Vegas?

What are the rich areas of Las Vegas?

On the east side of town in Henderson, Nevada, the richest area is MacDonald Highlands. MacDonald Highlands has had a few of the highest price home sales in Las Vegas and a recent closing for $11,250,000.

What is the richest city in Las Vegas?

The 10 Richest Neighborhoods in Las VegasSummerlin North. Median home value: $432,000. Sheep Mountain. Median home value: $453,000. The Lakes. Median home value: $371,400. Buffalo. Median home value: $381,000. Tule Springs. Median home value: $384,400. Lone Mountain. Median home value: $337,500. Sun City Summerlin. Kyle Canyon.More items

What club do the Kardashians go to in Vegas?

Paris Las Vegas. Holly Madison, Kim Kardashian, Havana Brown, Carmen Electra, Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez are just some of the hot celebs that have been to Chateau Nightclub! The Chateau has three rooms to live it up in.

Are there celebrities in Las Vegas?

This city doesnt disappoint. Las Vegas enjoys a lot of glitz and glamour. Its no surprise that the city is a hot spot for A-listers, musicians, athletes, and big names in the show business industry. Here are eight celebrities who call Sin City their home.

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