Question: Is Zorpia spam?

UPDATE: Zorpia responds: “With 28 million registered users on Zorpia, we do not think a few hundred complaints online is statistically significant to merit an overall conclusion that Zorpia is a spam social network which auto-enroll accounts.

Is Zorpia legit?

Zorpia is a legit dating site and it has been functioning since 2003. In regards to the scammers other user have encountered, the Zorpia Admins are doing their very best to eliminate and avoid registration of those fraud users and they are tirelessly monitoring the site.

What is zorpia in Gmail?

Zorpia (Chinese: 若比鄰) is a social networking service with customers in China. Zorpia has been accused of spamming misleading messages on behalf of people to their address books without their consent or knowledge as a way of acquiring email addresses.

Where is zorpia located?

Zorpia, it turns out, is a startup founded and run by Jeffrey Ng and based in Hong Kong.

What is zorpia used for?

Zorpia allows users to share an unlimited number of photos, network, create profiles, and use Zorpias messaging system. Some people use Zorpia as a way to store pictures since there is no storage limit. In fact, according to PRNewswire, the site hosts over 13.7 million images.

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