Question: Is dine in allowed in Gurgaon?

As per the order, restaurants and bars in Gurgaon (including those in hotels and malls) are allowed to open from 10am to 8pm with 50% occupancy, while adopting social distancing norms, regular sanitisation and COVID-appropriate behaviour.

Is dine in open in Gurgaon?

As per the latest order, restaurants and bars, including those in malls and restaurants, are allowed to operate from 10am to 11pm with a 50% seating capacity. Earlier, these establishments were allowed to open only till 10pm. Home delivery from restaurants and fast food joints has also been permitted up to 11pm.

Is Dining allowed in Haryana?

All religious places/places of worship have been closed for public, and religious congregations also strictly prohibited. Hotels, restaurants/ eating places, food joints (including those in malls) will remain open only for home delivery up to 10 pm.

Are restaurants in Gurgaon serving alcohol?

While the Haryana Excise and Taxation department has now allowed restaurants and hotels to serve liquor at tables, it will take some time, say Gurgaon restros, before they can actually start serving alcohol. Restaurant and hotel owners have been asked to get their liquor licences renewed for the current financial year.

Are restaurants open on weekends in Gurgaon?

As per the latest order by the Haryana government that came on Sunday, there is no time restriction in the opening hours of restaurants and bars now. They can now remain open till 1am. Until last week they were allowed to remain open till 11pm. However, they can only operate with 50% of their actual seating capacity.

What all places are open in Gurgaon?

Breweries. 3.1 /5. 17 km. Aravalli Biodiversity Park. 21 km. from city center 14 out of 37. Sheetla Mata Mandir. Must visit 3.4 /5. 12 km. Fun N Food Village, Gurgaon. 21 km. from city center 16 out of 37. Leisure Valley Park. 16 km. from city center 17 out of 37. Lohagarh Farms. 15 km. MGF Mall. 3.5 /5. Striker Pub & Brewery. 3.0 /5.More items

What is the curfew time in Gurgaon?

The night curfew timings will be from 11 pm till 5 am on all days of the week. Operational hours of restaurants/bars/ clubs have been extended.

Can we go to Delhi from Gurgaon today?

No travel pass is required to cross the Delhi-Haryana border from Monday, the Haryana government has announced. The traffic movement is completely smooth between Gurugram and Delhi, and Faridabad and Delhi and so is elsewhere, a senior police official told IANS here.

How can I get one day liquor license in Gurgaon?

An application form for liquor possession permit for serving on special occasion can be obtained from respective office on your visit or can be a written one. Applicant shall apply to the issuing authority with completed application form along with required document and fees.

How can I open a liquor store in Haryana?

Given below are the steps to apply for a liquor license in Gurugram.Step 1: Invitation for bids. Step 2: Security Amount. Step 3: Documents submitted by the allottee. Step 4: Verification of Documents. Step 5: Granting of a license.

Is Sadar Market Gurgaon open?

Open Hours : TThursday : 10 AM TO 9 PM. FFriday : 10 AM TO 9 PM. SSaturday : 10 AM TO 9 PM. S Sunday Will Be : Closed.

In which state Gurgaon is located?

Haryana Gurugram/State

Where can I spend my time in Gurgaon?

Best places to visit in Gurgaon with family:Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon. Kingdom of Dreams | #1 of 15 Best Places to Visit in Gurgaon with Family. Cyber Hub, Gurgaon. Ambience Mall, Gurgaon. Damdama Lake, Gurgaon. Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, Gurgaon. Appu Ghar, Gurgaon. Manesar, Gurgaon. Heritage Transport Museum, Gurgaon.More items

What is there to do in Gurgaon at night?

Things to Do in Gurgaon in EveningCyber Hub.Damdama Lake.Kingdom of Dreams.Ambience Mall.Leisure Valley Park.Sector 29 market.SkyJumper Trampoline Park.

Will lockdown extend in Haryana?

The state of Haryana has decided to extend its lockdown until 5 am on September 6. The government in Haryana is going in with this lockdown while at the same time allowing certain relaxations such as the opening of bars, malls, restaurants, clubhouses, and shops.

What is the capital of Haryana?

Chandigarh Haryana/Capitals

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