Question: Is 5ft 8 tall for a girl?

Is 5ft 8 tall for a 13 year old female?

5′8 is very tall for a 13 year old. It is in the 97th percentile meaning that 1 out of 20 males your age should be taller than you.

How tall should a 13 year girl be?

Height by ageAge (years)50th percentile height for girls (inches and centimeters)1259.4 in. (151 cm)1361.8 in. (157 cm)1463.2 in. (160.5 cm)1563.8 in. (162 cm)7 more rows

Who is the tallest 13-year-old girl in the world?

Rumeysa Gelgi who has a standing height of 213.6 cm (7ft 0.09 in), received the title of Tallest Teenager (female) in the world in a special presentation in her hometown of Safranbolu, Karabuk, in Turkey. Its one of my biggest dreams to be awarded with this record. Being a record-holder is a very amazing thing.

Who is the tallest female teenager?

Maci Currin Texas, USA: Texas teenager, Maci Currin has broken two world records. The Guinness World Record certified Currin as the longest legs on a teenager and longest legs (female). The 17-year old teenager from the USA is 6 feet 10 inches tall. Both her legs measure 4 feet each, which is 60% of her height.

Who is the tallest female ever?

Zeng Jinlian The tallest woman ever was Zeng Jinlian (June 26, 1964 – February 13, 1982), She is also the only female counted among the twelve individuals in medical history who reached a verified eight feet or more.

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