Question: What kind of relationship does Denise have with Vincent?

Is Vincent and Denise dating?

Ever since 11 Types of Student Relationships, Vincent has a crush with Denise and is his girlfriend. Though it appears to be that way, the relationship between the two is often shown to be a parasitic one.

Does Denise have a crush on JianHao?

As a result, she is one of the only well-liked students in her class among the teachers, but her overly hard mugging shocks them out sometimes. Her closest friend is arguably JianHao (since she invited him to be her seatmate in one video) and the two have been hinted to have crushes on each other.

Who is Denise boyfriend from T1T5?

Website. Denise Soong Ee Lyn is the actress who plays Denise in the Class T1T5 series. She was born on June 13, 1995. She got engaged to Nigel Chow in November 2019.

Who is Vincent in JianHao tan?

Vincent Sin Vincent Sin is an actor who plays Vincent in the Class T1T5 series. He is a market assistant of Titan Digital Media and the social media influencer whose popularity stemmed from interesting posts along his Instagram feed and Twitter wall. He has over 90,000 Instagram followers and more than 7,000 Twitter followers.

Who is JianHao Tans ex girlfriend?

Naomi Neo His break-up with previous girlfriend and fellow influencer Naomi Neo, though respectful and amicable, went viral three years ago.

Who is Jianhaos wife?

Debbie Soon JianHao TanSpouse(s)Debbie Soon ​ ( m. 2019)​Children1YouTube informationChannelJianHao Tan12 more rows

Did Naomi cheat on jianhao?

She also stated that she had cheated on him for a few months during a rocky time in their relationship. She worked hard to gain his trust again and cut the other guy out of her life completely. Still, they had to break up because she said their relationship had lost its proverbial spark.

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