Question: Why did Jeff and Emily break up?

Why did Emily and Jef really break up?

Emily Maynard and Jef Holm split following cheating and money spinning allegations Since he got down on bended knee and proposed to her earlier this year on The Bachelorette, their relationship has been plagued with cheating and money spinning allegations.

Why did Emily pick Jef?

Jef went first, instantly winning the family over with his earnestness and obvious love for her — as well as his eagerness to be a father-figure to her daughter Ricki. They felt they didnt even need to see the other guy. Thats when Emily decided to introduce Jef to her daughter, who had flown in to see her mom.

Did Emily break up with Brad?

He proposed to Maynard in what is considered one by many fans as one of the most romantic proposals in the history of The Bachelor. The couple broke up while the season was airing, but patched things up in time for After the Final Rose. However, in May 2011, Brad Womack and Emily Maynard parted ways for good.

Who did Bachelorette Emily end up with?

Jef Holm What happened with Emily on the Bachelorette? Emily starred in season eight of the spin-off series where she got to sort through the men and pick her favorite at the end of the show. She chose Jef Holm at the end and accepted his proposal.

How long did Emily and Ben stay together?

Emily only lasted for one season, but she made quite an impact on the crew, especially Chef Ben Robinson. The pair dated while the season was airing, and continued after they stopped filming. She moved to Florida to be with him, and they lived together for about a year.

Who wins Emily Maynards season?

Jef Holm Jen Schefft of season three was the first (and subsequently Becca Kufrin in the fourteenth season six years later). The season concluded on July 22, 2012 in which Jef Holm was named the winner and became Maynards fiancé.

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